Tired of the phrase, "Man up"

Alright, the title expains most of it.

I’m sick of hearing girls and even guys telling a fellow dude that they can’t cry or that they need to man up. I hate it. A guy isn’t allowed to have emotions? My own boyfriend has even been sad and told me that he’s sorry for not being manly enough and I almost wanted to cry because he said that, I WANT him to be emotional and talk about his feelings, I DON’T want him to keep it in. He’s not NOT manly just because he has feelings or needs to get a few cries out, they need it.

Men are always seen as these cold creatures and that they never tell anyone their feelings and they are always expected to be manly and tough and are criticized for it if they’re not and it disgusts me. I feel like they deserve to let it out and not be hated or judged for it. I’ve even talked to my boyfriend and told him it’s alright to let it out and talk to me and even cry in front of me and he now doesn’t keep it in and he told me he’s really glad I don’t tell him that because he always feels the need to by everyone else. And I just wish guys didn’t have to go through this.

Anyone else agree? Why or why not?


people have feelings and emotions, and its GOOD FOR MEN TO CRY. Lets say they lost a love one, they cry, lets say are speechless about a surprise that they never saw coming, they cry.

NOTHING, is wrong with men crying. Boys cry, same thing, if they need to cry, LET THEM CRY.



My life in a nutshell



They are not allowed to talk about their problems for some reason. If they do, “ugh! Come on, just man up!” is thrown at them. I never understood this, a lot of females expect men to be open to them, but they never care. When Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson broke up, everyone was making fun of Pete. They didn’t care about his mental health, and they act as if they were sad when Mac Miller died.

I’m so tired of these double standards, we really see any man taking action to help his mental health, because of stuff like this. No, they don’t need to man up, because being able to talk about your mental health and care about yourself is “man up”.


Perfectly worded. Doesn’t help much especially when little boys who get sensitive off of something, or cry a little because of something they fear, are told to “man up”. We should teach men, especially little boys it’s okay not to be all that masculine, it’s okay not to be strong mentally or physically, it’s okay to be a little fragile and it’s okay to cry. I’m just tired of them having to put on an act all the time, I’ve seen what it can do and it’s so damaging.


i dont know how this cause its not really a phrase we use where i live. here its is pretty normal that men show there felling. all that boys will be boys. be a real man and such are not really a thing we do here. and i am glad for that. because the be a man attitude is toxic.

same with stuff like catcalling that is not thing men do here.


Another thing that came to my mind, if a man talks about stuff like this, somehow he’s feminine, and he gets criticized for not being man enough. But not too manly- because they dislike that too. You can’t as a man when it’s about your mental health.


Venting is such an important thing for the mental health, it’s healthy and should be done often. It just sucks when men feel like they shouldn’t vent bc of the way society has portrayed them. To be unrealistically strong in both physical & mental ways. This stigma surrounding men needs to change :woman_facepalming:t4:


Double standards will always trigger me.

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Exactly when little boys are told it I’m like, they aren’t even men yet! Dang.

YES​:clap:t2:100% :clap:t2:AGREE! I completely agree this phrase is very toxic and fuels toxic masculinity. Boys have emotions too ladies!

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Exactly my point. And guys aren’t allowed to be weak mentally because of how people steraotype men.

I’m glad where you live is like that.

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me too.

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When you hold in your emotions, when they come out they come out like 10x harder and it’s like a pressured bottle. I feel that personally men are allowed to cry and have feelings.
And like everyone says, if they’re sensitive most of the time people think that they either have to man up or that they’re gay. Which is totally not cool.
Now let’s say someone said your hair looked weird and you started wailing and crying like someone in your family died. Now that’s an ok time to say man up. Because I’m pretty sure that’s what you say to them whether they’re a boy or girl. But boy do I hate that saying.
In my family we do say Suck it up buttercup but we’re joking. We all insult ourselves so…yeah. Not in bad way tho
And like if you’re hurting, then crying is a good way to get your feeling out and then once you’re done crying you’ve got all the emotions out and can sort out why you feel a certain way and how you can help yourself.


Exactly. Or even saying suck it up to a hurting boy, really triggers me.


Men aren’t robots. They can feel emotion.


Exactly! And I hate when girls tell them to man up like stfu!


Agree,because is too true.
Crying and having emotions doesn’t make you less of man.
Not wanting to have sex with a girl doesn’t make you gay or problematic.
A man can cry and still be a man
A man can get abused and still be a man
And i am sick and tired of all the bs ,that men are stronger and can’t cry because then they look like p*ssies.
And due to the society that has built this prospective of men never being able to be sad,many men of all ages ,desperately hide their emotions.
It’s sad.


Man that’s all so true.

I swear girls get so pissed when they say they dont wanna have sex with them. Like the have feelings too. And I hate when people call guys who cry pussies like they just hurt and they are letting it out, JESE!