Tirquaz's Art Shop (CLOSED)

I wanted to practice a little bit with my art, so I decided I should take a few requests.

  • price:
    since episode doesn’t allow money charging, I will only ask for a shoutout or credits in exchange

  • Updates:
    I have completed all the requests, I’ll take a break for now, Thanks ^^

  • Rules:
    -Don’t ask for too many please
    -No sexual scenes or so
    -The purpose of this thread is to practice my art and to promote my story: SAHARA, so the shop will not be open for long

I can do a scene, cover, background or overlays


Completed requests:

Thank you!


Oh my god, this is beautiful work! I won’t be requesting a background or anything, but let me just say, you deserve a lot of recognition, it’s amazing! :heart::heart::heart:


Wow! May I request a pfp! This isn’t going to be for the forums because I already requested one somewhere else. Thanks!


Skin Tone: Olive
Brow: Thin Arch
Hair/Color: Straight/ Black
Eyes/Color: Upturned Feline/ Toffee
Face Shape: Soft Heart
Nose: Upturned
Lips/Color: Classic/ Scarlet


image image


Can it just be a png? You can add a watermark though if you want!

Don’t worry, I will always give credit. Tysm for doing this! It means so much to me!


Hey! Your art is amazing :sob: Would you be able to create a cover for me? Since I haven’t decided a title for my story yet, you won’y have to add a title and stuff (I guess it’s technically an art scene?).

My characters:

They don’t have to be standing in that pose or wear the same clothes, but I’d be grateful if you could try and incorporate the tattoo on te girl on the right. For the background, just go with whatever you feel fits the drawing. Thanks in advance, just tell me if you need more information/more precise details on the characters! :revolving_hearts:

That’s very nice of you <33 it means alot :heart_eyes:

Of course! I will start working on them as soon as possible, Thanks!


Thank you! :revolving_hearts:

Hi your art is amazing. Can I request a cover? I
My character details are-

Character Details

SKIN- Rose 02
Brows- Straight Medium
Hair- Medium taper wavy hair (light brown)
Eyes- Hooded almond (hazel)
Shape- Chiseled Angular
Nose- Straight Flat
Mouth- Medium Heart (Fair gold Matte)

Rose 01
Straight Medium (Medium Blond)
Long Double Dutch Braid(Platinum Blond)
Deepset Almond (Blue Aqua)
Square Defined
Grecian Soft
Full Heart Pouty (Pink Hot Gloss)




It will be the left side pic.
And The boy will be a robot, But if you can do it, then make him half human half robot, and the girl will be a human.
Background as I haven’t decided yet, can you give me in png(transparent bg.)
If not just put a plain Background.
And your watermark ofcourse.

Let me know if it’s too much. It’s okay if you can’t do.
No rush on time.
As for outfits, Anything will do.

Hey I was An looking for an artist for my stories you interested?

Not a problem, but I have a question, what’s a left side picture?

The shop is now closed, thanks everyone!

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Did you see the pic? There are two pic in a pic. In left side it’s a girl and a robot standing. And on right side they are on bed. So i want the one where they are standing.

I’m already working on my story’s illustrations,

but if you want a long term partnership, this would require payment
and that’s against episode’s rules?

Oh okay! I didn’t understand at first, sorry ^^"

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No problem. I know it’s a bit complicated so is it clear? About that half human Half robot thing?
I am sorry for specifying too much.

it is, I will make him a half half

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No, payment is not out for episode’s rules, but it is out on the forums. You can’t request payment on the forums, but on Instagram, sure thing! (As Mette M Pelekesis’ commissions artwork from her friend C.K Art Design (she has to pay) for her stories such as the Dragon’s tail, the enchantress, etc)

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Thank you so much.

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Oh wow thanks!
I’ve been looking all over the forums yesterday just to clearly answer this

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Thanks! :yellow_heart:

Thanks a lot for requesting <3
I hope you’ll like it
I would be grateful if you read or gave a shout out for my story: SAHARA

PNG: https://sta.sh/026tgtbn7qq