Title and description help?

Hello! I am writing a story, and I need a title and a description for it. Any help would be appreciated! Here is what it is about:
So the main character is named Isabella and she has a twin named Michael, and they are really close. Isabella loves to read and write but Michael only likes to read. Isabella got kidnapped when she was only 14, and lost all contact with her brother. When she was 18, she escaped the kidnapper and started her own life. When she is 23, she meets a male publisher. (Love interest.) They start to fall in love, but then her brother randomly comes back. Then there’s drama lol:)

Any ideas for a title or description are appreciated! Thank you!


Maybe the description could be something like this:
"Twins Isabella and Michael were always there for each other until Isabella was kidnapped at age 14. She escapes at age 18 and starts her own life. Five years later, she falls in love with a(n) (adjective) publisher and her twin brother returns. Love and drama awaits!

And maybe the title could be:
“Isabella and Michael”
“The Publisher, Michael and Me” (Kinda cheesy tho)

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Title idea: Writer, Reader & Publisher

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Thank you for the idea!! I really love it!

Thank you so much for the title idea, I really like it! I will have to choose between a few:)

You’re story looks really interesting!! I wish you luck.

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Thank you!

It’s alright, good luck with finding what you wanted

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I feel like rather than using the kidnapping part, you could have their separating story similar to the Parent Trap? I feel like that might be easier to write about.

But that’s just my personal suggestion. Do what you like, of course! :blush:

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Finding Isabella for the title