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Hello all!
I’ve been wanting to do this for a while.
I may write a lot, but I struggle with writing in a concise fashion. (See every post I’ve ever made lol) I’m working on a story, and I need help coming up with a short description!
Here’s the summary, though it’s lengthy.
TW: abuse, death, drugs, alcohol, mild violence, SUICIDE.


Juliet is a viral pop sensation who is found, stabbed to death, after her concert. MC (Raegan) was the last person seen with Juliet on security footage. Raegan’s fingerprints are found on Juliet. Even though there is no real proof that Raegan is the murderer, there are rumors and suspicions. Juliet knows she didn’t do it, but almost nobody believes her. That is, except for LI (Oliver).

Oliver believes Raegan and wants to help her prove herself innocent. Raegan and Oliver think that it’s a suicide. Raegan searches for Juliet’s videos for evidence, and finds out that Juliet is being sent death threats- she had an affair with someone, got pregnant, got an abortion- the guy who knocked her up didn’t want her to. He threatened to expose her affair, and reveal that she is bipolar- and abusing substances during her depressive phase. Raegan and Oliver end up bringing the evidence to the police, but find that the so-called ‘guy’ never existed.

It is then that they determine that it was a suicide, and Juliet was doing this all for attention. She wanted to be famous after her death, because she felt that without any new inspiration or creativity- why live?

…the title is “Gone Viral.”
Should I change the title as well?
Help me write a description!
Lastly, if you’ve got questions about the story, don’t hesitate to ask.
Thank you!


Right off the bat, I could tell you that you will need to include trigger warnings in the beginning, and when the scene occurs. The story sounds intriguing. I like this, it reminds me of murder mystery games and well, those are fun. I will say be careful on how you write this because of abuse, and suicide is heavy topics and triggering.

The title is good. Gone Viral is nice.
Or you can keep it simple and just use Gone. (Lol, the spelling of gone is throwing me off.)

I’m not good at descriptions so, I can’t help you there. But if you any beta tester. I’m your gal!

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the first splash I’m creating will be a trigger warning.
I will also provide hotlines for mental illness (Raegan, too, has mild anxiety) and for suicide at the end of every episode.

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What is the MC’S relationship with Juliet? Are they friends? Enemies? Is Raegan a fan of hers?

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merely a fan.
The footage that seems suspicious is Raegan going backstage with her after going to one of her concerts. They both walk out to the parking lot, near where Juliet is found.
That’s what’s going on

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Description Suggestion:
Pop sensation Juliet is found dead and all evidence seems to make Reagan a suspect … It seems that everyone believes it except for Oliver… Will Reagan be able to prove her innocence or will she be blamed for a crime she didn’t commit.?

Hope it’s good, you can tweak it if you want

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I actually think you’re title is perfect

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I feel like it should be shortened a bit. It’s good, though! Thank you! X

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Ok, BEST TRY HERE! (hear me out pls, lol😂)

A pop-star Juliet is found dead, and one person specifically seems to be behind it all. Everybody believes it, besides Oliver… Can {name of character} prove {himself/herself} innocent before {he/she} goes viral?


The reasoning for the title is that

  1. Juliet went viral, which led to her stardom
  2. Raegan goes “viral” for murdering Juliet
  3. Raegan finds videos of Juliet which may end up viral…
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