Title and Story Description Help

The story is basically about tracking down a murderer. It is set 100 years in the future (2118) and in 2093, scientists accidentally created a plague (the blight) that wiped out almost half of plant and animal life. They tried to fix it, but developed little areas of blight where humans can enter, but nothing can thrive. The murderer can wipe peoples’ minds (mind control/memory wipe). If you could help me come up with a title/description, that’d be amazing. This is my first story, sorry if it doesn’t make much sense. Help/criticism is much appreciated. Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

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IDK but either way I would read it😃

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Thanks for the suggestion :wink:

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No prob :smiley::blush:

Can I follow u on episode WATS ur user


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Sorry I couldn’t find it.

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No. LOL that’s no me

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Oh OK then just tell me when u publish it story so I can read it. BTW do u got snap chat

No :frowning: But I will definitely let you know when/if I publish the story.

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OK​:smiley::ok_hand: cool.

What about wiped out or wipe out?

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The Blight
Eraser (Because of memory wipe powers)
2118 (or whatever year the story takes place)
The Void (You said something about nothing surviving, I think)
Reduced to Ashes
Reduced to Nothing

I’m pretty good with titles, not so much with descriptions :sweat_smile::wink:


Pm me! I’d be glad to help with description help!

Blight 2118: A murderer with the power of wiping the mind roams the streets of a world hit with a devastating epidemic. Can they be stopped or will the world fail?

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Nice titles! Thanks :slight_smile: