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Oh well, I’m in desperate need of help to come up with a good title and description for my story. I have summed it up somewhat, but since my summary is really long I don’t know how to condense it into a description. And well the tile is kinda urgent too since I want to finalize my cover :grin:


Current description: ”Get yourself together, woman!” Suzanne said. But how is Michelle supposed to do that when she finds herself tangled between a fake hero selling coffee and a broken athlete ruining her career? (Although this is just an example and i don’t really like it that much, so I need help basically :grimacing:)

Plot: Basically my story is about Michelle, MC’s, life I guess? She works for a famous director, Suzanne, as the “phone guy” when the reader first meets her. She’s hanging quite loose since she isn’t necessary for Suzanne, and Michelle is scared to death of loosing her job since she is a high school drop out and knows that the chances that someone else will hire her are slim. The “broken athlete” is a famous former runner named Robin that isn’t able to run anymore due to an accident causing damages on her brain - leading to her loosing her balance when running. Robin’s manager, Noah, wants her to participate in one of Suzanne’s movies to gain publicity whilst waiting for the doctors final call about if she will be able to run again. Suzanne wants Michelle to become Robin’s assistant instead, and Michelle really doesn’t like this idea. Somehow Suzanne changes her mind after a meeting about it with Robin and Noah, she mystically doesn’t want to work with them on the movie anymore. Suzanne is really angry after the meeting, and Michelle get’s fired . Alright I guess this is kinda the plot? Michelle’s goal in the story is to get her job back basically, she needs to figure out her life.

”Side-plot”: Well, about the fake hero selling coffee - his name is Victor and Michelle meets him in a coffee shop. He is overly nice and polite against Michelle even though she is treating him like shit since she had a rough day, he is displayed as a hero to the society. The truth is that he is somewhat the opposite, the reason he feels that he needs to prove himself to society everyday is because he committed a crime that he didn’t get charged for. In fact, his sister (who somewhat participated doing the crime) had to take the blame since Victor disappeared from the crime scene whilst his sister was determined to stay and help the victim. Victor’s sister is now in prison. And for the crime, this is kinda where the two plots tie together, Victor and his sister where driving in a car late at night slightly drunk when they hit Robin who was out running. Does it ring any bells? Yup, Victor is the one responsible of Robin’s accident and Robin doesn’t remember anything due to her brain damages. I guess in someway you can also connect this to Robin getting fired. Victor

If anyone have any ideas about a title (maybe a description too) feel free to leave them down below! :revolving_hearts:


Thank you so much for taking your time reading this! I actually like the sound of that, love the idea with alliterations :thinking: Again, thank you! It’s much appreciated :revolving_hearts:

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Hi there!
I love the idea of the story and will definetly be adding this to my list when you publish!
I had an idea for the little description, of course you don’t have to use this if you don’t want but I thought i’d share my idea! (and I checked, it fits the word count perfectly!) :slight_smile:

Description:”Get yourself together, woman!” is a phrase Michelle hears often, to which she replies “Easier said than done”. Tangled between Victor & Robin, how could she get anything done.

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Hey, thank you so much for sharing your words and opinions! This was perfect, I honestly feel like I need all the help I can get. Thanks! :revolving_hearts:

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