Title help and do u think it be good story?

Soooo what would be a good title guys and do u think it’s a good story

All Millie wanted was an ordinary family and that’s exactly what she had until her parents decided to move in with another couple and turned Millie’s world upside down. Now she lives in a house with four parents and her totally cute stepbrother jay. It’s bad enough being brought into her parents’ strange soap opera, but millie will star in a soap of her own as she deals with friends having affairs, trying to survive in school and ending up torn between her long-time crush, George and her new stepbrother!

It sounds like a great idea… I will think of some titles nd post them when I do

Thank u chay!!!

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Secret Life of Millie

Caught Between

Torn Between Two

What Happened

What If… It Was Normal

Mille and The Boyz

Kinda like the first two lol I’ll have to think about it
Its not only a love triangle lol

I got that… lol that’s just off top of my head…


Living With Four

Millie and 4 Parents

The Couples and Millie

A Secret… Mille and Her Family

Hmm mm maybe ^^

I think it would be cute if you named it Soap Opera or like My Soap Opera:heart:

Lovin’ Millie

A Little Bit of Millie

Also why would Millie’s parents want to move in with a couple? Are the 4 close friends?

its complicated lol its part of the drama
they are switching partners

Oh so its like the parents are having an affair with the other couple kind of thing??

sort of lol
jays parent and millies parents are switching partners

NIice. I’d love to read the story once it’s out :slight_smile:

that be great thank u!