Title Help! ASAP!

Let me know if this is in the wrong catergory, thanks

I’m coming up with a new story and i’m having trouble thinking about the title
I have already have 2 but it’s really hard to choose from.
Questions your probably asking

What the heck is the story even about?


The story is about 4 teenagers signing up for a dating website to see who can get the best looking boy then you(the mc) get matched with a boy that is cute and find out crazy things about him.

What are the 2 titles u freaking talking about?


first one is Love Square
second one is Love matched

Why u choose Love square?


I choose love square because it is 4 corners in a square and that represents the 4 girls and they looking for love basically

Then why did u choose Love Matched?

yeah why

I also choose Love Matched because the 4 girls are on a website tryna get matched looking for love.

So that’s where you guys come in and help me pls so i can start working on the cover page pls i will have a poll below.

  • Love Matched
  • Love Square
  • Another

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If you have any questions pls feel free to comment below.

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And whatever gets chosed with also be the website name!!
(I’ll ask for characters later in another topic)

Thanks for all you guys help and support as i try to put myself out there again.

-Love Joanna :heart:

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I feel like love square is better love matched it’s too literal Ik that’s what the story is about but Love square just feels more natural


Thanks :heart:

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Out of the two you chose I think “Love Square” is better becuase “Love matched” is kinda basic imo.
But I did come up with an idea, I don’t know if you like it. I was basically reminded of a tabletop game and thought … Why not call it “Connect four”. It would also be fun if you had a scene where the LI and the MC were stuck playing board games together. (Like go to play Bingo with the elderly at a home, or to be invited to a boring household’s game night) Maybe they could decide to either stay and try to make the best of it, or they could try to bail on it and maybe if they decide to stay the have a bit of fun and he ends up saying something like “If you want to repeat tonight I think I have connect 4 at home.”

Love square sounds good

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