Title Help? [ Between two choices ]

Ayoo! So, I’ve got a story in mind. And with that story, I’ve got two different titles, both which I like a lot. Both seem also to fit towards the story, and both are titles of songs.

So… ah, I’ll give e brief description of the story, and the titles and perhaps you can decide which of the two you like better.

It’s a story about a teenage (18) year old boy, named Ash. His life, honestly, mostly revolves around his high school life. He’s made himself a comfortable place in the hierarchy. He’s a bit of an informant, collecting and spreading rumors about the other students (subject to change), often using his body to get the information (in addition to being known as an informant, he’s also known for… sleeping around a bit).
Of course, Ash has also made himself a deal with his teacher… Something he’s not particularly proud of, but, he’s happy enough to get the good grades in return (teacher student relationships in this story are NOT romanticized and NOT portrayed in a positive light, though I can’t say much without spoiling later plots).
It’s a story that sort of follows this teen’s story. His relationship with his foster mother and brother, teacher-student relationships, sexual assault… Those sorts of things. It’s… aiming to be different, and respectful, in the sea of of bad boy, nerd transformation stories that do more harm than good.

So, on with the two titles I’ve come up with. Both songs the titles are based on inspired the story, and I still often repeat them while I’ve gotten myself in a rut.

The 505, based on the song ‘505’ by Arctic Monkeys.
While the song doesn’t exactly fir the story, I love the aesthetic it brings. Besides, it applies more when you think of the Urban Dictionary definition (browse at your own risk), “The thing which is simultamiously keeping you alive and killing you […]”

Teen Idle/Idol, based on the song ‘Teen Idle’ by Marina and the Diamonds.
Now, I suppose this song fits more to the character, as life isn’t… as he wants it to be, but he’s still going through with it. The aesthetic of the song also sort of fits, and I really like it. Either varitions of the title are fine, I suppose, though ‘Idle’ brings the feeling of doing nothing, while ‘Idol’ makes it seem as if he’s being looked up to (which, he isn’t really most of the time). This song, listening to it again right now, I remember really influenced the creation of the story. And, ah, I’ve listened to many-a-times while writing it.
Whichever one, though, say which you like more, please?

Now, of course, if you think neither of these titles fit very well, I’m open to suggestions! As a bit more of incentive/help, I’ve created the working cover for the story. Might influence your choice a bit!

I’m not a professional editor, so this isn’t amazing, but for my first edited cover, I’m actually quite proud of it. Pls no hate.


Thank you!


  • The 505.
  • Teen Idle.

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Decided to add a poll to help out. But, please, do comment your reasons why below!

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The 505!

Cuz Artic Monkeys are life and because your story sounds like it’ll be for an audience that would understand the reference.


I like the sound of 505 and I think it’s more unique, so more readers will find your story when you first release it too. But I feel like Teen Idle would suit the cover better

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I agree with @amberose and I think that The 505 would be better. It catches my eye more and I think teen idle/idol would blend in with other stories. I like the meaning behind The 505, and I know this probably isn’t what you’re going for, but it sort of reminds me of the TV shows The 100 and 90210. It might just be me, but numbers stand out more and make it different. Hope this helps :joy:


505 for sure but I think there needs to be a stronger connection to the narrative, like the story is set in New Mexico (area code 505) or there’s some significance to room 505 at the school since in the song the number is in reference to apartment #505, idk something in the plot has to connect to the title.

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I love me some Marina & the Diamonds so…
…go with Teen Idle.

I see the thought process behind the name The 505, but I don’t think most readers will get it and say someone is looking for a teen drama story. They’ll find yours easier if it includes “Teen” in the name. On top of that, I feel like number names give a sci-fi or a dark sort of feel to a story. Teen Idle seems to fit the style of your story better.

I recommend specifically going with the spelling “Idle”. Otherwise, the story sounds like it’s about a teenage rock star. Teen Idle just sounds better and since you’ve listened to it so much while writing, it’s a bit more personal to the story.

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Thank ya! My bad for the mistake.

No problem! :slight_smile:

I think 505 :grin:

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UPDATE: Added a poll!

It seems like I’m in the minority here but I prefer Teen Idle (spelled that way).
If I saw a story with either of those titles paired with your description, I would be interested no matter what so I don’t think you could go wrong either way, but I agree with @Starlynn in that Teen Idle would resonate more with readers looking for a teen/high school drama, which seems to match the tone of your story more.

Hey! Firstly, story sounds amazing! Absolutely want to read it!

Secondly, this is probably the least helpful thing ever as I can’t actually decide between the two but personally I would not have got the 505 reference so I think if you go with that you need to at least hint to readers at what the reference is to. BUT like @random_life said, I think Teen Idol/Idle would blend in more with your typical Episode story - whether or not this is a good thing is kind of up to you. The 505 is unique and intriguing and would definitely draw in people who do get the reference.

But to be honest, with that description and cover, I’d read it whichever title you go with so I say go with your instinct…


Still having trouble deciding! Bump! c:

I prefer The 505 because it first caught my eye although the other title was good.

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