Title help (Description too)

I need help creating a title. if you could help with a description that would be great!

The basic plot of the story is a girl who’s in her twenties, she has a kid with a guy who she was engaged to but they broke it off. She ends up falling for someone and they instantly fall in love. There will be multiple love interests and choices that matter.


I have a couple of suggestions…

  • Crushed steal (because crushed hearts and rings are made of steal :sweat_smile:)
  • Love at second sight
  • Undecidable love
  • Love’s directions
  • Love at every direction

She never thought it would happen. Losing the man she loved, the father of her child because she didn’t truly know him. The MC’s heart is broken but maybe there is someone who is willing to stick together all the broken parts…

Love from the second sight
Different ways

I hope I helped :grin:

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Here’s some LOL I don’t know if they are good or not

•Love is in the Air
•Cupid’s Arrows
•How to Love Again
•Instant Romance

Hello @Mya.writes. Some Suggestions for the title of your story are as follows : 1)Untamed Love, 2) Second Chance, 3) My Search for Soulmate, Hope this helps. Sorry in advance if you didn’t love my suggestions :smile::sweat_smile:

These are all really good, thanks!! :blush:

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