Title Help Needed! NEEDED!

Plot: Emma is struggling with a loss, as well as dealing with her family still adjusting to her being a trans girl. She’s starting to spiral, and an angel, Angela, is sent to help her. But down on the other side, her demon twin sister, Demonica, is ordered to recruit her.


What about:
Considering Emma is trans and the presence of extra-terrestrial beings (angels and demons)



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U can check out here :blush:

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Okay, I got some really stupid names but I am sharing it if you like one of them then I will be surprised:

β€’ Good Vs Bad (That’s definitely stupid I admit!!!)
β€’ Trans Girl (This is a pile of rubbish I know!)
β€’ The Other Side (No sure 'bout this one but the name seems catchy.)

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thank you for sharing! I will update that thread today with a lot of titles, names and more things <3

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