Title Help Needed! Urgent

I am working on a Story, but I can’t decide which Name to choose.

When you first meet millionair Asher Reeves, there is an undeniable attraction between the two of you.
But with a violent boyfriend haunting you, can you find your happy ending?

(I do know that this sounds very cliche, but I will try to avoid a lot of those)

  • Twisted Perfection
  • Chasing Asher
  • Million Dollar Love
  • Deep Attraction
  • Others (other titles in the comments)

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I think you could call it:
My Million Dollar Medicine

idk I think it sounds cute :joy::joy:

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I like the titles, but I swear I’ve seen a story called “Deep Attraction” :grimacing:
If it was me, I’d call it “My Millionaire Saviour” or something like that :laughing:

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I like twisted perfection


it gives a story called deep attraction so I wouldn’t use that