Title help needed 🥰

ok so my current title is obliterate but i wanted to see if anyone had other suggestions? :sob:

description / synopsis ; ok so it’s a drama story, this girl, sereya summers, has never been in love. for multiple reasons. but this guy, for some reason, finds her lovable, despite all the complications they have, & issues with each other. but every toxic relationship has a price to pay. they basically destroy each other mentally. he’s too dependent & she takes advantage of it.

so… any ideas? :eyes:

yes it’s a toxic relationship but i’m not romanticizing anything ew.


your love is my drug?
set them free
there`s no silver lining

Breaking you

Love issues
Poison me

Destroyinf love
Paying for love
Love issues

Love is poison or Poisonous Love?

Set Me Free
Your Love Is My Poison

Your original title sounds fabulous, why do you want to change it?

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