Title Help..Please

I need a title for a great story idea from Luna_Heart1 (@heart.creates) and I need a title for it. The basic gist is a girl babysitting a vampire.


Babysitting A Vampire
My Babysitter’s A Vampire (love that show :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:)
Mysterious Child
Babysitting The Devil

Sorry if these were lame lol

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I love my babysitters a vampire too


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My babysitter a vampire I love that show so much I wish they had continue it

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But the babysitter is babysitting a vampire child not the girl is a vampire…

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ik i just threw that in as a joke…



You didn’t because you said “sorry if these are lame”

But okay sis :kissing_heart:

Vamp Camp
Baby Vampire
The Baby Vampire
Babysitter of the different

Are any of those good?

I was referring to the other titles I was very well aware and uh what are you trying to point out because…

Also I put Babysitting A Vampire which means i knew the child was a vampire i was pointing out that I love the show

But It’s okay sis :two_hearts::two_hearts: You didn’t know no offense taken :kissing:


Nothing. It’s just the way I talk :confused:

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oh… then my apologies if i sounded rude :thinking:

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ohhh lmfaoo. I could careless, dw about it

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