Title help, please!

I need help with a title name! This book is about 3 triplets 2 of which are girls and one of which are boys. They are time travelers. Thanks!

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Triplet travelers

but they are triplets lol

You just changed it i saw you…


Please leave my post before I contact Sydndey.

Please leave.

@Sydney_H Can you please block her from this post? Thanks!!!

I personally don’t think @Teahwalker did anything wrong. She just pointed out that you just changed it and you assumed she got angry over it, but she was just pointing it out.

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You used a lot of sass. I asked you to leave nicely. Please. Go.

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Nah I’m gonna be petty

I understand, but I am asking her nicely to leave, and Her saying I am “Moody” And Sending Not so nice emojis is not any better- If anything worse than what I have done.

Please go. I really would rather not argue.

She said it in response to you being sort of rude first. But both of you just drop it. Take it to PM if you really feel like arguing as the forums are a drama free zone.


:expressionless: this is emoji is not mean i send it to my online bestie all the time and she doesnt mind :woman_shrugging:t2:

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Can you drop it, too, then? Thanks!

I’m not even apart of this haha :joy:

Please go. I am asking you only 1 more time before I contact a mod.


Then why are getting involved?