Title Help!?!?!


I’m writing a story about a very powerful female mafia/gang leader. So far my only idea is “Mafia Queen”,but there are a lot of stories with the same/similar title.
Anyone have any advice for a better title?


What’s the name of the Mafia? Maybe then it could be ‘Queen of …’ Just an idea :slightly_smiling_face:


How about any one of these?

  • The Queen
  • Power
  • The Most Powerful Woman
  • The Mobster
  • Ms. Mobster/Miss Mobster
  • The Business Woman


How about something more edgy like :

Don’t mess with [Character’s name]
I’m my own boss
Dangerous Lady.


Mafia Mistress?


Their Princess


Her Power


i would love to read it


Mafia - Killer Queen


Strictly Business

Edit: I looked it up and its a title of a movie so maybe not. But it might spin a new idea in your head??


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