Title Idea 2022

The Plot is The Main Character has anxiety and depression and people made fun with her. But than people realize that anxiety and depression is a real thing and it’s serious. Will people realize what she is going through? Read to find out
Any Titles Ideas? :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

whats the genre?

Probably Romance or Drama

how is the LI connected?


Emotionally hurt.
The rise of anxiety.

you said it was romance right? So, what does the love interest do in the story?

supports the mc

oh ok. then maybe:
My cure.
Familiar stranger.
always there.
Heal me.
Heal my wounds.
lost without him.

Hope this helps you with your story! Good Luck!


what can I add to the plot?
The LL is also friends

wdym by that?

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