Title Ideas Please 🙈

Can anyone help me find a fitting title for my upcoming story? I’m trying to brainstorm. :upside_down_face:

It’s about two kingdoms (the Demon kingdom and the Angel kingdom) and they’ve been at war for as long as they could remember. Hoping to form an alliance, the Queens of both kingdoms force their sons into an arranged marriage. The problem is, the two princes hate each other.

The demon prince is very serious about his reputation and maintaining his royal image. He also wants an honest and exclusive relationship.

The Angel prince is very laid-back and carefree. He doesn’t give a crap about how anyone thinks of him and just wants to live his life.

Long story short, they need to learn how to see eye to eye. But they really don’t want to.

So… yeah. Any ideas? :joy:

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Here’s some:
Angel and Demons Princes of/ at War
Princes of/ at War
The Hated War
Fight for Peace
The Angel and Demon Princes
The Demon Prince (if he’s the MC)
The Angel Prince (If he’s the MC)
The Prince vs the thin line (idek but basically because, unless this has no romance, they kinda dislike each other then like each other, idek where my brain got this one)

The Impossible Alliance
For The Kingdoms

Sounds interesting! :blob_turtle: Here are some I came up with:

  • Fallen angels (1. Since demons stated from the Bible are fallen angels. 2. The people in the angel kingdom is perhaps struggling…?)
  • Calling all angels (Same with this one + war)
  • Wired kingdoms
  • Sincerely, your angel
  • Honestly weakened (because of the war)

Fighting For Heaven & Hell

Between Demons & Angels

War And/Or Peace

Royal Battles

Battling For Royalty

Royal Rivals

Duty Calls

Royal Rebellion

Royal Alliance

Rivals Alliance

Through Their Eyes
Through My Eyes

Fallen angel?

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