Title name help?


Hey, I am writing a new story and I can’t think of a good title. My story is about a girl who lives with her dad, stepmom, and 2 step sisters who are annoying and treat her like a maid (kind of like Cinderella). She goes to school and is like invisible. One day she’s in her room and a fairy godmother shows up. The main character wishes to become another person for a day. She turns into a beautiful girl but it only lasts until 10:00pm. She starts to wish this more and more and she attracts the attention of her many love interests since now she is popular and beautiful. One day her fairy godmother has to go away now that she has made the main character happy. Now she has to live like herself and come clean about who she really is. The other events are revealed in the story, that is basically the main plot.

What is a good title for this story, or a story description?


My godmother
Make me pretty
Stay like this
Fell in love with a fake (cause the guys fell in the love with the fake her)


Pretty till 10
Live life like a lie
Lie to my love


Love lies
Popular till 10


Alter Ego?


Not your average fairytale?


Sweet and Bitter Lies?


Watching Miss. Invisible?

Transforming in Delight?


Both Sides of the Spectrum
Double Sided
Two Different Lives
IT’S THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS (sorry hannah montana is still iconic)


Living as Two Lives
Cinderella, But It’s Not
A Fairytale, But It’s Not
Happily Never After
Beauty 'Til Ten


Crowned miss popular who?


10 p.m.
Becoming Cinderella


Another Cinderella story


When the clock strikes 10…


I feel pretty.
Just a Wish
Who am I?