Title Page HELP

I am so close to publishing, and it dawned on me that I don’t have a cool title page to insert at the beginning of each episode.
I would be ETERNALLY grateful if someone could help me get on together ASAP.
My story’s title is Fallen Roses, and I was thinking of a dark rose with thorns and blood dripping from it. Would anyone be able to help me?? :pleading_face:

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What’s the plot?

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The story is filled with unrequited love, jealousy, revenge, and heartache. It a story of coming home, and making peace with the ghost of the past. The short plot is…a young girl uncovers the mysterious circumstances involving her parents murder, copes with loss left and right, and joins forces with those trying to uncover a much larger scandal in a town so small everything is connected in the end.

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Scandel town?
UnRequited love?
Jealousy love?

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yes, yes and yes

Murder is gone?

Murder is not always permanent
in this story.


Uncover town/


I’m not sure


are you saying there’s too much?



I’m just saying that so you can get more responses :slight_smile:

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Genius! :rofl:

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If you don’t want to apply to a million different shops, you can use your cover and play with the zooms


Yeah, I think I might end up doing that for the time being. Thanks!