TITLE, STORY PLOT - official helper 🦸‍♀️

Wait are you guys still open to help people ??

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Of course! Did I forget to help you? If so, I’m very sorry!

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No I was just wondering because nobody’s been on it in a while lol. Can you help me with a title?

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Of course!

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Ok so I haven’t figured out a description yet as I’ve just had this idea come to me, but it’s a sort of mystery/action story with some what dark themes nothing too major tho.

So it’s about a father and son who are living broke. The Dads hiding something about their true identity yet the son is pretty oblivious to it. Both are pretty close being that their ages are quite close - the dad had him at a young age.

In summary when he was a teen the Dad had ran away from home to run off with this woman much older than him; so basically he was groomed. His family life wasn’t good being that his parents neglected him. A year or so later the woman had a child and with the Dads mental state and the guilt he was carrying he thought it best to get away from this woman, and so the the rest of the story was how the pair rekindle old family connections, get this woman into prison and helping heal and recover the Dad from mild substance abuce and mental state.

Oh my god I hope this doesn’t sound dumb lmao :heart:

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Family doesn’t have secrets.
Dangerous change
Femme Fatale
Father, son, stepmom

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Oh damm they’re good thank you :blush:

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I’m glad, I could help :blush:

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I’m having trouble with my title. My current Story’s title is Living with the Jonas Brothers but it’s sort of Misleading.

Description: Manipulation, seduction, and compulsion, these are all traits that Malissa holds. But to what extent are these traits useful when she has to deal with the Jonas Brothers.

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need help with better description and title please
Title;Malone but I actually wanted to change it to something catchier

Everyone knows the common werewolf stories but how about what happened before all that?
She is the killer and he is the pray, if only they could see both ways.
Malone, top-notch agent will stop at nothing to get what she wants but now that Lycans and werewolves have gone lose and are spreading across the city, she and her teammate have only 1 chance to make this whole fiasco right.
-My takes on werewolves and vampire

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I’m very happy that you want my help, it means so much to me and I’m flattered.
But unfortunately… I’m going on holidays soon and it might take me from two to three weeks to help you.
I’m sorry about that and I hope you understand.
You can also, ask @Thecode004 to help you, since she is the other helper if you don’t want to wait for so long.




I need help with a description.

My story is called “In The End”, and the current description is;
When Jaclynn’s boyfriends returns from war with many inguries. He’s hardly the same person. Will she stay or will the new Kingston drive her away?

It’s pretty much what the description says, but I feel as if the wording is off somehow. So, for more detail,

Jaclynn is a 23 year old woman, and her boyfriend, Kingston, along with his twin brother, Clark (both 25), and they both come back with severe inguries; Clark lost his left leg, and King has a plethera of inguries, and needs a ton of medication, which he later becomes addictided to. He has severe brain damage, so he acts very differently as well. Jaclynn and Clark are trying to help him, but they think it may be better to send him to a live-in hospital for wounded soldiers.


I’m planning to write a Thriller/Horror story and I need some Plot Twists & Story Title.

PLOT: MC and her 7 BFFs plan to go Camping. But, as they start driving up the hill, their car will run out of fuel when a storm occurs. They find an abandoned mansion nearby and stay the night there. The next morning, they wake up to find an old woman living in the mansion. She suggests to live in the mansion for a few days and leave. Each night, one of the friends will be murdered and found in the basement. Will the MC survive or not?

TITLE: ‘7 Days Till Death’ is the current title. What is the best title for this story?

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Mellisa and The Jonas
Troubles with brothers
Raising YouTube star
New subscriber

I don’t really know Jonas Brothers so I’m not sure if any of this titles will work :confused:


They’re good suggestions.

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