Title suggestions wanted

So I am writing a story but cannot think of a title


Aspera is Everglade High’s rose amongst the thorns, the queen bee in a group of populars… when the ghosts of the students whoms bones she had to step on to get to where she was in life begins to haunt her and loom ever closer, will she be able to keep it together, and what will the populars do to protect themselves from the laws cold grasp?


The past that haunt
My hidden past
Becoming queen bee
Broke bones
Crushed By My Sins
Blinded By The Ghost
Hatred By The Ghost

Wait what genre is this story. So I can get a better idea.

Not 100% sure
Maybe Drama/thriller ish-

also isn’t becoming queen bee already an episode official story by @Bronte
might be the wrong tag

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If it helps here is the cover currently


the title is gonna be in big bubbly letters so it’s gotta fit up the top

Oh yeah I forgot about that story.

Probably Crushed By My Sins might work.

The Rose of Everglade (or just Everglade’s Rose)
Everglade Diamond
Queen of Everglade High
Secrets & Bones
Death of Everglade High



:open_mouth: Omg I love Everglade’s rose

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@Amphia Thankyou!!!

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