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I need name suggestions for a college dating website for the story contest I’m entering. If you have any ideas, please comment them below. If your suggestion gets used, you will be credited in the story. So please also leave your Instagram handle below.

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Hm…dating website…dating websites…(I am not going to put :“com”

Instagram: @lanafrazer.episode

  1. Matchmakers
  2. LoveForTwo
  3. LoveyDoveys
  4. LoveDoctors
  5. Love + Match

Hm, I am still thinking…

Should I put the .com in the title? I love what you have so far :slight_smile:

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If you want to.

These are just names I have come up with, so, hm, if you want to add .com, you can if you want to.

Let me know if you have anymore suggestions :slight_smile:

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  1. Bonding + Love
  2. I Date You
  3. Romantic + Date


Now can you think of suggestions that is related to students in college?

hm, like what?

I want the dating website name to be related to college students. If this was a story about adults only, any of those suggestions you have listed would work but because this story is taking place in a college setting… I would like to have a suggestion for a college dating site

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All those can be related to college students. You can use

I Date You
Love + Match

You can use those,they can sound like their for college students/.

This is all I could come up with hope it help you @mindy_epsiode

College caught love

Community college lover

Love me university

Bumble book campus

Lets eharmony our-books


Campus hook up

University of love connection

Book to hook


Bookworm love apple




Love these ones too. @mindy_epsiode these could work.

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