To all artists and art groups


This gets on my nerves and many other people’s nerves. Y’all need to quit forcing people to request from you. For example say @TeahWalker said she could do a Request. Then I come over badgering whoever is requesting hey I can do it. Hey my group can do it. Hey so and so can do it. Yo so and so show her/him the examples. That’s annoying af. Examples of what I’m talking about:


Only One Person Is Needed For A Request So Say Something Like This:


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Thank You!




Thank you! This is such a big problem and it’s so soo sooo annoying!


Glad you girls agree!


True it’s quite annoying


Not trying to cause drama but @Teahwalker did this also to me

Bike overlay needed


Sorry I blocked/colored names for a reason. No one knew it was you until you said that…


I notice it


It is something that does make people confused and upset.

As an artist myself I feel that the groups take away spotlight for solo artists. I am in an art group and been in a few before. I will admit the goal in the groups is to get as much requests you can get. While the larger art group gets recognized. Smaller art groups or any other artist is left in the dust with no requests. As I may say some art groups are helpful and generally help people and its member involving art and other things, you are provided with friendship. In the end a motive for a group or artist can, and mostly be bad. The key to some leaders and some members is…“We are now filled with competition!” This for example is motivation to be the best. Which is okay to certain limits. When stealing requests or just invading the customer is past the limit and is now plain rude.

Sorry for this long paragraph but yeah that is my thoughts.


If you zoom in you will see


Barely anything is showing…


I just saw this topic,



Right A this is really good topic


Mmhmm. Before I joined eh I was so annoyed with it. And now that I’m in it, I’m still kinda annoyed.


I only do it if someone does it to me first :smiley: why? Because im a petty bitch :grin:


I have a long paragraph I wrote and I want to add more. So here we go.

This is also how people lose motivation to do art. It makes art groups close, because of little to no requests and it isn’t right. I joined a larger team now, because of low requests and all the groups that were once a big hit,closed down because of this problem.




I feel the same. This is so annoying and once made me almost give up on edits.