To all artists and art groups


That’s why ES had to shut down


Sorry she is MY bestie :upside_down_face: :joy:


Yep and Episode Dreams and many others. It is sad the art community part of Episode came to this.


Yess!!! Lmfao


Welp I’m gonna stop before getting in trouble


There should be a way to fix this issue. Because common courtesy isn’t common I guess…




Not in most people


This sounds like a load of bull shit


Bump Bump Bumpity Bump Bump - a-Bump, Bump!


Ok I think that giving examples if the person hasn’t chosen is alright but after they have chosen is crossed the line. If. Someone expresses interest in a certain art group or solo artist do not give more examples or say I’ll get it done in this rim or send me your details! It’s annoying and quite rude. I understand people wanting to help but there is a fine line between help and pestering. Sorry for the late reply.


This needs to stop. When an author says “I need a cover” and 3 people say they can do it, the author has plenty of people to choose from. Do not be a mean and cold-hearted bish saying “episode _______ can do it. Need examples? Go here.” When three people wanted to do it. Be nice. Let other people do art for a change.


Good on you Amani. good point.


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Hmm?? WYM “good on you?”

Haha sorry. English isn’t my first language so it’s a bit hard when it comes too sayings.


Great job. Good for you


Oh ok thank you.


Thank you!!! :raised_hands:


Haha yeah I saw it happened to you on one of the three and I was like awww heck naw. And made this.


I know so many art groups that do this!
Happened on one of my forms :slight_smile: