To all episode artists ❣️

Heyy. I want to get to know more artists in the community. And I would also love to support and follow more and see others creations!
So drop your IG below so I can follow!! Also feel free to follow me first and I’ll follow everyone back. :snowflake:

I was thinking of starting an insta group for artists in the community where we can share our work, help each other, do art trades etc​:snowflake::snowflake:
If you’re interested lmk :snowflake:


If you want I’ll follow you back as well :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
But I’m not really into the artist group :thinking:
My insta handle is lady_cannella_episode


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Hi, I’m writing a story and I just need help with getting my character to call another one.

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Mine is episode.lillz

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Hey if u need help feel free to dm me here or on IG :kiss::kiss:

Hey girl! Of course, my IG is vasilie_arts Will follow u :heart_eyes::hugs: artist should support each other :slight_smile:

My IG if anybody is interested in checking it out!!! :blob_hearts:

my instagram is @epy.miyakowrites :heart: i followed you

Hey! I’m a beginner artist and I do pfp requests and art scenes for free! If you need any help with story covers, art scenes or pfp , please contact my Instagram: @olivia.stories_

Thank you! :heart:

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