To anyone that can make overlays especially text and backgrounds: What do you use and more?

Hello :relaxed:

If you make any overlays what do you use to make them and where can you get the image from?

I want to start making some of my own especially text overlay, what is a good programme to easily remove the white background behind the text?

Lastly where is it okay to use backgrounds, where are some good places where I can find a non pixelated background?

Thank you

I do not usually do my own overlays so i don’t know, but i have read through this topic (that i am going to link) and it seems very helpful! :relaxed:

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Thank you! I’ll look at it. :relaxed:

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i just use krita. i cut the background out and save it as a png.

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Thanks. :relaxed:

Try PhotoScissors for your overlays, they are great for removing backgrounds.
Try Canva for creating backgrounds.
Try Compresspng to compress png images, because the images need to be under a certain size (mb) to be uploaded
I use these and 5hey are beyond amazing.


Thanks Willow. :blush:

Are all of these free and do you find PhotoScissors easy for removing a background from text? I’ve tried a few other programmes but they end up cutting some of the text out to. :roll_eyes:

It is good enough, but it is the best that you can get for free.
And yes, all of them are free.

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Thank you. :blush:

You’re Welcome Maria.

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Hey. So, how do you add the pictures into your episode script?

Hey. Are you talking about how to backgrounds to your script

Hey does anyone do front covers, please, i need one ASAP

If you can do a cover, can you let me know, so i can text the details, this is my first story

I do covers.

Line’s Free Artshop (OPEN) - Creator’s Corner / Art Resources - Episode Forums (

Okay well can you make me one of my main character and another two characters, i can text you what they look like

Yes if you feel out the form of my art shop, link I already send you above

I use my app to make overlays and art works(I use ibis paint x)
If u need help pm me separately. And if u need any art works u can request in my art shop