To Code Or Not To Code?

Hi everyone! :wink: I’m honestly I. The need of a coder/editor I have a few questions about a few flags i got on my story? I’m trying to figure it out and havent yet. Anyone interested please respond back.


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You mean you got errors?
show me the error and the lines it points to. We can look at it

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I’ll submit it in just a moment.


In line 230 you need to specify what zone (e.g pan to zone 2 in 5)

In line 231 and 232, you need to say this:
@ EXBOYFRIEND walks to screen left in zone 2 AND CHARACTER starts walk_angry_loop
@ HANNAH walks to screen right in zone 2 AND HANNAH starts react_shocked_gasp AND HANNAH faces left

And in line 202 to 205 you need to use a % after 400 without a space (and get rid of the letters after the 0 in line 204)

I hope this helps! :grin:


for errors 202-205, you need to put % next to 400

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It definitely helps! Thanks! I was trying to make it look like he shoved her into a wall when she looked surprise/shock if theres a better coding for it?

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I think I’d have to see the code in the preview to tell you, but if anything just looks wrong or something isn’t right then it should be easy to change it :slight_smile:

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Thank you!

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No problem!

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