To Complain or to Compliment...?

Im so very very new to the community and the forum, and just recently started tomread Episode stories. I started reading Choices, then found Episode much better. I decided to join the community to see everyone’s thoughts on their favorite stories, but so far, all ive seen is mostly complaining and anger, and i don’t understand.

What ive gathered, is people complain about how unfair it is not to be featured, or how bigger authors get more attention…or how they hate a book bc it dosent follow guidelines, etc, etc, etc.

So heres my 2 cents (if you even care)

  1. Complaining makes you look salty. Instead of putting others down bc they only like “cliche” stories or whatnot, how about you perfect the genre YOU like?!

  2. Episode can write what the heck they want…they own the platform. I agree, it should be fair across the board, so Episode should make an Adult shelf for stories thats 18+

  3. If you habe a killer story but nobody is reading…chances are its only killer to YOU! To me it seems like the same genre is more popular…so dont be angry if thats the stories people prefer to read

I got turned off when all ive been reading on the boards is people whining & complaining. Im still learning and navigating around, but its just off putting when this is what i mostly see.

Sorry this is so long…i went on a rant. Please, i hope this doesn’t rub anyone the wrong way! :blush::heart:


I think you just joined the forums at a time where everyone is arguing about “In my bed…” I don’t really want to get into it too much, but its hypocritical of them to release a story against there own guideluines. This will pass, but sometimes drama does happen in the community. This is just something going on right now since the release of the story.


I don’t agree with number two. Episode has a responsibility to at least adhere to their own guidelines. If they wish to change/amend those guidelines (and the age restriction) for everyone, then, by all means, they can write what they want. :woman_shrugging:


@episode.emma yeah I so agree with u they say we can’t do all of it and they r freaking doing idec they own the app but it’s unfair to everyone else that writes a story


Hi there! Welcome to the forums :blush: Like @episode.emma mentioned, you’ve arrived at a pretty bad moment in the community. However, the points you’ve made have been debunked over and over aaaand over in many threads. I understand that maybe some people who are so new to the forums wouldn’t understand that right away so here:

  1. Haha, if only it were that easy. Those complaints are actually very valid, maybe you should check out this thread or this thread. A lot of people have responded to the same arguments you’re making.
  2. Episode can’t write and/or promote “what the heck they want” when it’s against their own guidelines and they’re supposedly a PG13 app.
  3. Chances are it’s not getting enough reads because it’s not what Episode promotes. Good stories often get pushed to the side because Episode only caters to one type of audience. It wasn’t like this before, it’s getting much worse now, which is why a lot of people are complaining, myself included. If you’d want me to elaborate, you can still check out the threads I’ve linked above.

Maybe take the time to actually read what people are pissed off about if you care enough about it to make your own thread solely on this topic? Also, Choices is a hell of a lot better than Episode, just saying :smile:

Anyway, don’t mind if I steal this quote to conclude my post:


I disagree with you. Some of us have been a part of the Episode community for years, and we don’t like the way things are handled. I, for one, have been a part of this community for more than 3 years. I started reading stories when the app first came out. So some of us are unhappy at the fact that Episode is a bit unfair towards less known authors. I think that they should be fair to everyone that’s using their platform to write great stories. But, it seems that top authors are getting more attention than less known authors. That’s just how I feel.


Yeah, you definitely arrived at a bad time. As for your points, I’ll have to disagree on most of them. I apologize in advance if some of my points come across as overly blunt; I’m not being argumentative, it’s just how I talk/type.

  1. No offense, but aren’t you complaining right now? People have the right to voice their opinions, as long as they aren’t targeting specific people who haven’t caused any harm. That includes you, but please acknowledge that you’re not the only one who has this right. Complaining about other people complaining makes you look as salty as everyone else. (But to be fair, complaining about you complaining about other people complaining probably makes me look salty, too. :sweat_smile:)
  2. Episode has a responsibility to adhere to their own guidelines. It’s a matter of basic ethics. Besides, targeting a young, vulnerable demographic and then turning around and publishing stories sexualizing that exact demographic does real harm. I could explain in more detail why that’s the case, but that would be off-topic. I do agree that an adult section could help the issue, but only if they controlled it like Wattpad does (users who sign up with a birthday that indicates they’re younger than 18 can’t even see the stories marked as having adult content, and stories with mature content that aren’t marked as such can be reported).
  3. There are amazing stories with barely any reads. The most original ones are often the most overlooked. With a few exceptions, stories become popular by catering to the app’s main demographic and by promoting the heck out of it. It isn’t enough to be good at writing alone. That isn’t to say people who write amazing stories that get ignored should attack others or that popular authors don’t deserve their readers, but not getting many readers isn’t necessarily an indicator that there’s something wrong with the story itself.

What I will agree with is that there should be more positivity for the things people do enjoy. It’s kind of sad about how threads like “things you love in Episode stories” die out quickly, while “things you hate in Episode stories” gets hundreds of replies. That being said, if you want the forums to be a more positive place, you could always start with spreading positivity about the things you like in the app and community.


I see. And when i say i just joined, im a fresh newbie. But it seems like everyone is up in arms about this one story. But to me…it seems like it will intrigue more ppl, and the story will get MORE attention bc everyone is talking about it. But i also have been seeing how some authors seem salty bc their stories dont get as much attention as others. Its sad and i feel for them.

I hear you. But a company can change the rules whenever they want. I will agree…i do think they need to change rules and be fair to EVERYONE. Again, im still learning the ways of the community. But looking at it on a pure business aspect, a company can do as they please…fair or unfair.

But i wish they would be more fair, and/or change age restrictions if they are going to write risqué stories

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Thanks for leaving me your perspective in this. Yes its thousands of post here…and i only read a few to come up with my own topic. Of course i will go and read your links…thanks so much for dropping them here!!! It sux that ive joi ed at a bad time. I was so stoked to join after falling in love with the stories. Its sad that this is happening. I hope things will get better.

I love Choices a lot…but they are more expensive than Episode. Plus i like the animation of Episode better.

Yes and i dont have the tenure here as you have, but this was just my immediate observation just looking as the posts i read. Of course i may uncover more as i read the thousands of posts, but as the others me tioned above, it seems like a bad time to come in. I agree and would be upset if i see a lot of favoritism going on by Episode esyif im an author trying to get seen. But complaining obviously is getting everyone nowhere with Episode…so why do it? I guess just be happy for those that have “made it” and continue to work hard so that you can too! Idk, thats my take on it :heart:

After reading and seeing others perspective, i will agree with you…but not about the complaining part, i wouldnt say that much lol.

But I for one, would lobe to see an 18+ section, and or make the entire platform Mature in the app store, and verify age before download, etc etc…that way, underage tweens and teens wont come into contact with stories they shouldnt be reading (I wonder how many have read their moms 50 Shades books???)

Also, it does suck that a lot of authors are not betting recognized. Is there a post where the popular authors have tips on getting recognized? Maybe they can share their tips and help out some of the others.

Episode should do a better job of promoting ALL AUTHORS not just the popular ones. Tbh, when i started Episode, thats all i saw…were stories with 1mil plus reads. And i figured the stories ppl didnt read were bad. Now i see its not like that at all.

I disagree.
Sure, a company can change their rules but they can’t just go against their own policy. They would need to change those rules first which they haven’t. Otherwise, the company comes across as unethical and any stakeholders would complain.

The issue here isn’t that they changed the rules. It’s that they broke them by going against their own guidelines which it’s understood that EVERYONE should follow. Yes, it’s their company but it’s still unethical and bad business practice to break your own rules. They obviously have the right to change the rules if they wish but they’d need to announce it and make it official. A company can’t just do things against it’s own rules.


I’m pretty new, too, and I agree. There’s a LOT of hostility here, people pick fights over nothing, lol. Also like you said, people complaining about popular stories. In one sense I get it, there’s a lot of legit complaints, but I wish people wouldn’t take things so personally when someone disagrees, lol.

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Hey everyone. I just wanted to chime in and welcome our new members to the community! I wouldn’t say that it’s a bad time to join the rest of us :smiley:. The forums currently have:

  • Directing Help & Tips section for any help you might need or if you would like to help others with donacode and more. :speech_balloon::left_speech_bubble::thought_balloon:

  • Share Feedback if you want to share your own Episode creations with the community for feedback :open_book::bookmark::bookmark_tabs:

  • Story Games & Role Playing if you want to have a great experience with our rpg community :sunglasses::ghost::alien::robot::smirk_cat::unicorn:

  • And lets not forget about the ever so popular Art Resources sub forum where you can share your art requests with the community or offer your own services.

and many more fun, helpful and exciting sub forums and topics to explore! :smiley:

Now let’s get together and keep welcoming our new community members to the forums :slight_smile: If you need any help or have any forum related questions, please pm myself or our forum Moderator @Sydney_H

  • JB

P.S: I wanted to add that if there isn’t already a feature request for a 18+ section in the app, I would highly encourage someone to get on that as an additional step to take in order for Episode to see this suggestion. And if there already is one, please post it below and encourage others to click on it and “heart” or “like” the op post to show support for the request. I want to do everything I can to help out and hopefully my guidance is enough at the moment :peace_symbol:


I highly disagree with number 2. You’ll see why.

I wouldn’t go so far as changing the entire platform’s rating, if only because it screws over a lot of existing readers, including the main demographic, which wouldn’t be good for authors as well. A section that can only be seen if you verify your age would definitely be the better solution.

I think I’ve seen a few posts with tips on how to get readers? There’s also a section to share or promote your stories. Unfortunately, Episode only does the promotion for you if your story gets featured or ends up on a shelf. I find the creators’ contests really helpful, too! I gained most of my readers by entering contests; even when you don’t win, people seek out contest entries and are more likely to share them with others.

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I think you have to enter a contest to get more reads. But how do you do that? I’ve never seen an announcement on the mobile app. Are they done here? I search “contest” here and it’s usually about private ones users have with each other (being in someone else’s story, creating backgrounds, etc.)
And the contests I’ve heard of seem very biased to limelight or spotlight at the moment.

The current contest is super limited, but most of them are any art style you want. They announce them on Instagram and on here in the Announcements forum (there’s a subforum specifically for contest announcements). They’re probably also announced on Twitter and Facebook, but I don’t follow Episode there so I’m not sure. Right now we have to wait until the deadline for the Dirty Dancing contest passes before the next one gets announced. :frowning:

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Omg someone actually see the same things I’m seeing. I guess fresh eyes are seeing things differently than those that have been here for a while