To credit or not to credit

Hi everyone,
So I had a quick question and wanted to know your thoughts on this issue.
I currently use a free site to make covers and splashes. Aside from fonts, I also use the artwork that is provided on the site (also free). The site states that we don’t have to credit them but I was wondering if I should. I have a little bit of anxiety and I keep worrying about another author using the same artwork and making a similar design. And then I’m being accused of ripping them off…which a part of me realizes is very ridiculous. Am I just being overly anxious about things? If I do put that I made the covers and splashes using that website would that violate guidelines since it could be interpreted as advertising a third party website? Ugh, I’m so anxious about this.

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It’s not ridiculous, but if the site says you don’t have to I wouldn’t worry.

You dont have to credit art programs. I never meet anyone who has ever done that, only answaer what they used if someone asked

its kinda like how you dont credit the pen and papir you buy in a store

Thank you so much for saying that. :grinning:

It’s nothing. :grin:

Thank you! Yeah, that definitely makes sense.:grinning:

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Hi, will I ever be able to get credit again on Lowell? Highly appreciated your reply. Thanks

I’m sorry but I really don’t know what you are referring to.