To Love A Detective {LL| Cover Needed}

I’m currently in need of a cover for my story To Love A Detective, the story focuses around Aideen Walsh a female detective and her girlfriend Hawa (Something I forgot her last name)'s relationship troubles and non-troubles, but it also focuses on a murder. I’m not sure what genre it would be considered but oh well.

I’d prefer if the cover could be in a more drawn type style but other styles work as well. If anyone would be willing to help out that’d be awesome, I can give more details if needed and I’d prefer to see examples if you can.

Hi, I’ll gladly help
Here are my examples, they’re just a few edits I pulled together:

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These look really nice! Can you do Limelight aswell? I just want to be sure.

I’ve never done a limelight cover or edit but I could try do one for you.

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