To Prove A Point


Ok so if a guy texts you after 6 years what do you think that means? because I’m trying to tell @TillyStage0 that he’s trying to get with her at some point lol

tagging my friends so they can tell me what they think lol
@Adam.Epy :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


cough coughcue the wedding bellscough cough
I mean what?




I think he’s got a little bit of a crush. Or more
. Wait what I didn’t say nothing!


@TillyStage0 is in denial


Well maybe she should just use this ancient method cave people once used…



I love you :joy:


Lmfao. It’s true tho. Just try talking.


The way you worded that so professionally made me think you would say ‘send a pigeon with a letter’ or something lmaoooo :joy:


she says they are but she thinks he just wants to be friends


Y’all know ish is serious when you break out ancient methods.


Obviously! Lmfao.


I mean I don’t know much but maybe you should ask her how she feels or even. Better. Ask her to ask him.


she just wants to be friends lol


There ya go!


but she thinks he’s cute so idk


I don’t know. I can’t really give romantic advice. I can barely give advice to my friend in what sandwich she should get.


sameeee lol




Yes that is true but u wouldn’t go with it lol