To Tell The Truth. What is Real?

Take a look at the same image. One on ink and the same on limelight.
I’m a new writer about to debut my first and only story. Maybe not. My Ink cover is approved, but my same Limelight cover is rejected. Don’t know why. I have been meticulously doing this since December 2017 on my own. Trial and error and then I found the Episode family and learned a lot. Starting over several times until I finally thought I was finally ready to publish. Now I have an Ink greenlight and a Limelight Red Light!!. What the What!!. For months, days, and nights trying to match the outfits from ink to limelight. Having football outfits with no football cleats. Having a shoe store rep that supposed to look like they’re wearing the referee attire (that footlocker look) with no referee attire. (But Ink had it)
I think I’m more upset about the awesome stories that I’ve read that people have shown or did more than my cover. Or maybe the fact that Episode cannot decide on which one is more acceptable, People who read ink or People who read Limelight. What do you think??? OH, I will Publish… My story is that song you turn all the way up on the radio when it comes on. It’s the next door neighbors that you peek out the blinds at. It’s that b*tch you can’t stand because she’s sooo fabulous.
That’s my book. I will find a way to publish it. It’s called Forbidden Love by Shannen Cromartie. Check for me. I’m coming. I don’t know why one cover is good, and another is not, but I’m coming to an Episode near you soon…technical deficultities…please stand by…I will convene. There is NOTHING WRONG WITH MY COVER… IF IT IS. WHERE IS IVY? PLEASE REDIRECT ME!!!


The covers would’ve been reviewed by different staff members. :see_no_evil:
I suggest you submit a ticket to the Episode Team and they may or may not approve it after taking a look at your ticket. Sometimes they reject things in error and sometimes they approve things in error. :relaxed:


Happens, bigger question, is that royalty free? Did you get it on a royalty free website, if you say google or Pinterest then it’s a no and you are breaking the rules by using it


I’m quite sure that you can use the same covers for different stories, but then again; I have no knowledge of this because I have never done it before, I only see it. However, I assume they don’t allow royalty free content as mentioned above, but my assumption is that one cover can only be used for one story. Otherwise, I’d say a support ticket to the Episode Team is the best resort to your issue right now. <3

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They rejected it because of the following reason:

Specific reasons are as follows:

Nudity / Sexual Content: portrays adult themes, including pornographic content, nudity, or prostitution

  • Implies that characters are having, have had, or are about to have sex, including (but not limited to): use of actual or implied nudity, a bed scene with more than one person, depiction(s) of one or more characters who are sexually touching themselves or one another, images that depict sex work or a sexual act in exchange for compensation
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How would I put in a support ticket to see why one was considered appropriate and the other one for Limelight is not deemed appropriate?

You would submit a support ticket via Episode’s zendesk and you could word it something like:

“Hi, I’ve noticed that one of my covers has been approved while the other has been rejected even though the subject matter is identical. I was wondering if I could have some clarification as to why the review results are different, if one of them has been approved/rejected in error and an explanation as to how my covers break the guidelines if they do and how I could change them for approval? Thank you.”

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Thank you. :slight_smile:

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