To the Reviewers who degrade and berate author's on episode


So this is actually my overall thoughts, and something I would like to get off my chest to reviewers. I’ve met some amazing reviewers who have given me some very good advice when it came to reviewing, and critiquing my story. I understand reviewers are suppose to give out constructive criticism as this will both help strengthen, and improve the authors writing ability when it comes to writing, or publishing their stories but in no way shape, or form, does if that mean for any reviewer to be judgmental, and degrading. Many of us are just starting out when it comes to publishing, or writing scripts. Some of us have never wrote a script before. Many of us are still learning how to write stories. It’s okay for you as reviewers to give out constructive criticism to help us improve our writing but it doesn’t mean you as are in a position to put any of us down when we ask you to read our stories. Many of us have worked hard when it came to publishing our stories, and since some of us are also, still in the early stages of learning how-to write, and publish our scripts, it’s not your place to berate us. When we come to you to read our stories we aren’t doing it so you can “degrade us.” I hear some of you say, “we can’t take constructive criticism” when we can, it’s just that some of you abuse your titles by using it as a tool to berate, and degrade certain author’s especially if their storyline is unique, and just starting out. As reviewers, please stop degrading author’s just because you feel as if you’re titled to. This goes out to the one’s who abuse their titles to put author’s down.


This post might bring in drama, just so you know. As it is your opinion a lot of people might disagree for some odd reason so make sure to watch what you are saying and how you present your opinion. And in no way, shape or form, am I trying to argue!


I dont think it will cause drama and I was careful with what I said when saying what I said as well. I specifically stated it’s for the reviewers who berate and degrade certain author’s when reviewing their stories than opposed to all of them. So I think I was pretty careful, and clear when saying what I said and why I said it. The overall message I’m portraying, is for reviewer’s to not degrade or put author’s down when reviewing their stories cause a lot of author’s on episode are just starting off when it comes writing, or publishing their stories. Hopefully others will understand the message I was sending out cause it wasn’t created to start drama but to instead, raise awareness, and to speak for a cause.


Ah, whatever. But yeah, I agree. I remember when I was on my first story and I got help and my first reviewer was absolutely rude and told me my story sucks and I should stop. So I get what you are saying. :slight_smile:


Yeah that’s exactly what I’m talking about. We shouldn’t even have to endure or even go through that. To be honest, it’s discouraging, and will discourage author’s who have a passion for writing, and publishing stories on Episode.


I am simply going to say I agree with you.

I’ve seen and read a lot of reviews, most written in depth by genuine people who want to help authors create the best story they can by giving honest and constructive feedback. But I have, sadly, seen some 1 or 2 reviewers who only seem to want to review stories simply so they have an excuse to be rude or mean as appose to constructive. It’s a rarity but unfortunately, it does happen.

Giving constructive and helpful feedback doesn’t give anyone the right to be horribly disrespectful about someones hard work. Reviews should encourage those to do better by helping see their issues for improvement, not intentionally put them down.




Thank you that’s what I’m saying as well. As the reviewer, they should be uplifting empowering, and encouraging the author, or writer to help improve their writing skills, and not using their titles to put author’s down. I mean words are “powerful.” That author who they just put down might have just started out when it came to writing, they may have just started out when it came to publishing, or wiring scripts in general, so I just feel like it’s not a reviewers job to attack, or put the author down when they should be using their gifts, or position as a “reviewer” to uplift, and empower the author instead. I mean we are suppose to handle constructive criticism but there is a difference between giving out constructive criticism to help someone improve, or become better than opposed to putting someone down just for the heck of it. I appreciate reviewers because they put in a lot of time, and dedication when it comes to reading our stories but so did we when it came to writing and publishing our stories. Some reviewers just use their titles to secretly put others down, and that’s 100 percent wrong!


When I published my first story, like many others I did read for reads/reviews through the forums. A conversation I had has stuck with me nearly a year later because it honestly broke my heart.

I had a 13 year old girl ask me If I could review her story, to which I agreed. She was very clear to me that she was Spanish so her English wasn’t the best and she’d also mentioned it at the beginning of her story. When I reviewed her story, I helped her with the English mistakes and some directing issues she’d had. Her reply? Thank you. She said thank you, not for the review but because of how nicely I’d been towards her. Someone who had reviewed her story before I had was extremely mean to her and said she shouldn’t continue her story because it was that awful. Who in their right mind says that to a 13 year old? To anyone, for that matter?

It’s because of her that when I give reviews, although I try to give them constructive and honest, I also make sure that I show my appreciation for being given the chance to read their hard work and encourage them to keep writing and practising.


Sometimes I feel like it can be the oposite too. I reviewed this girls story for an instagram review account I was in. And I kept giving feedback on her grammar, but she did not believe she had any mistakes. She kept saying she read thru it carefully and put it thru a grammar website or whatever and didn’t “understand” what the mistakes were. Even tho I said it multiple times, I even reread her story TWICE to tell her the mistakes she said.


You did something amazing and I thank you for that cause it’s very disheartening to hear and read that people are actually like that even though it happened awhile back, people actually still do stuff like that even to this day. People are Just ignorant she could have gave up writing due to what the person said but I commend her for continuing to write despite enduring that at such a young age. If a person speaks another language and English isn’t their primary language, it’s not that person’s fault that they’re not able to speak good English. I’m glad you are one of the few people who actually keep authors encouraged while reading their stories on episode. We as author’s need that type of encouragement, and support.


That’s to do with the recipient of the review not being able to take criticism. This post is about rude reviewers.


That’s someone who couldn’t handle constructive criticism that’s what it sounds like to me.


I think some people forget that everyone started out a novice at some point. People who are encouraged can go on to do amazing things, but if they are held back, we miss out on some epic future stories. Helping someone with something, anything can make a huge difference. Sadly, some don’t see that.


I agree!!!


I have been doing a couple of reviews and I can say that at times I feel like I’m being a bit harsh. There was even someone who told me that, in a very nice and mature way. It made me look at my reviews in a different light and I realized that I should change the way I wrote them. To me, writing reviews have been a learning experience and I’m still learning the best way to give feedback. I have written a lot of reviews for books and films, but it’s a big difference to write a review for a story on Episode. It’s much more personal and many authors on this app are just learning to write. I think that some reviewers don’t realize that the reviews they write will go straight to the author who wrote them.
Also, this is something that I have noticed, this does not concern any of the stories I have reviewed but something I have seen in other stories. First-time authors who tell the reader at the beginning of the story that it’s their first story and it might not be that good. My advice is to not include that. I get that some might be afraid of being criticised, and I know that there are people out there who will write mean things just because. But to me when an author has that in their story, it feels like they don’t believe in what they have written. Yes, learning to write on episode takes time. Not only do you have to write dialogue but learn to direct as well, which we all know takes a lot of time. You should feel proud and confident that you have been able to finish and publish something.
The last part a bit out of topic but is sort of a word of encouragement to all first-time writers.


I think it’s about how you take it. I haven’t found any reviewer that rude or hateful( at least those who reviewed mine and many I’ve seen here and on instagram). All they tell you is what you’re good at and what you lack and what you can do about it. And they try to put in best and humble language as much as possible. If you request a review and expect sugar coated words, you won’t be progressing at all. I have corrected so many mistakes in my stories through these reviews.


I don’t think it’s always to that extent when someone can actually read someone’s story and tell them they’re story isn’t worth reading, or that they should give up writing which isn’t called “constructive criticism.” It’s a certain way reviewers should talk to author’s when reading or reviewing others stories. There is a huge difference between giving out constructive criticism, and someone using their title as a tool to put author’s down. You may not have had the same type of experiences that others have had, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re not going through these things just because you haven’t witnessed it, or been through it yourself. I have also, had some minor mistakes in my story which I went back, and corrected but I’m talking about two different things, and two different topics. I also, wouldn’t advise someone to just take it because when giving out constructive criticism in general, even if the words aren’t “sugar coated,” the reviewer should be uplifting, and empowering the author to become better but if they’re doing the exact opposite, why should he or she just take it? So I wouldn’t encourage any author to allow any reviewer to degrade them, or to let the reviewer put them down. That’s just my perspective though. To each is own.


To say to give up writing is actually harsh. May be look for reviewers who want newbies to improve, you know choose your reviewer wisely. See their previous reviews and see if they have constructive reviews or blunt insulting. There are a lot of other good reviewers you know.
Smile and keep writing! :slight_smile:


Anyone who would state “your story sucks” cannot be considered credible anyway. I would say shrug off the rude and the unprofessional… a true pro does not berate others or say cruel things. Just keep writing, that’s how we all improve our craft.