To those who use ibispaint x

Hey! I honestly don’t know how to ask this, but when I draw something on Ibis paint x it always comes out in tiny squares, I don’t know if that makes sense, but can someone tell me how to make it stop

Did you check and see the type of brush it is?

I use dip brush hard, as a matter of fact, I tried all of them and they still come out in like squares

youre zoomed in all the way you need to zoom out

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But even when I do zoom out it does that

That’s pretty normal. When you zoom out it looks less square-y

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Okay then, thanks all of you :blue_heart:

what size is your canvas?
If it’s small it’s more pixelated

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I suggest making the canvas bigger.

The smaller the canvas, and the more pixilated the lines will become.

My canvas size for Ibis is usually 1500x1500 or 1750x1750

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What if you are making a cover or something for Episode, and they say it doesn’t fit?

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I use a bigger version of the canvas and then use a resized app.

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Oh, okay, thank you! :heart:

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That is bound to happen with the size you are using. However, one you zoom out, it should look clean. It also depends on what brush you are using.

It looks like that up close but its actually very clean. Its only because it’s a digital effect. No need to resize or anything. Its normal.

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Even if you make it bigger it’ll still fit.

I make my canvas x3 bigger the recommended size and it’s fine

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