Toast menu? Anyone know what this is?

Hi everyone I recently discovered this

It’s when your previewing it under navigation.

Does anyone know what this is meant for or used for or anything ?? I don’t want to mess with it but I just don’t know what it’s for- ik @/Jpassen is also having this problem too.

Hope someone knows what this is for . Have a great day / night / afternoon !

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@Sydney_H feel free to move this if I’m in the wrong section

I was checking my story in the app to make sure everything works and I noticed a new button under navigation. I didn’t want to touch it in just in case if it would mess anything up. I haven’t seen anything on the forums about this. Does anyone know what this new button does. Ik @Catniss was confused with it too

It’s the toast menu


I was also confused when I seen this!!


Glad to know I’m not the only one lol


I have no idea what that is But the fact it’s called “toast menu”…

I think the word “toast” (or toaster?) is something Episode uses to describe a readerMessage, but I have no idea what these options do! What happens when you click on them?


You get a notification when you click it that pops down

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