Today I read (screenshot sharing game)

:warning: Not so spoiler free…)
Hello, guys! Let’s play a game “Today I read…” But! it isn’t just about sharing and recommending stories. It is about finding these PEARLS of text and plot twists!

:writing_hand: What you need to do is: read a story/chapter in Episode, have a screenshot of the moment & post it with your overall impressions. Let’s post something not boring and standart!

Examples: Story + pic + “When she said that, I was literally on the ground, laughing out!”
or “That’s a line for important conversations!”
or “And then he did THAT I was so shocked how could he???”
or “You might think that’s a directing mistake, but seeing them suddenly flying in the air was…”

Bad choices: “Hello, this is the story and this is my main character.”- So what? Where’s the pearl?
or “I hate pink haired girls, so cliche!” - Uhm, okay, but is it that outstanding?

:no_entry: Please note! Although someone might lack writing and directing skills, we shouldn’t make fun of them and their work! We were all amateurs at some point. Let’s laugh about the situation storywise, not about the person for their mistakes.


Spilling Blood and Tea (from the new stories section)

The BEST dying animation ever! Murder solving stories really missed that!
Author’s note makes it even more hilarious.
If she was just sleeping on the floor, that would be not so special, but THIS made my day!

(Danganronpa misses that, too)


Spilling Blood and Tea

cries I should learn how to express my love towards my sweetheart.
It’s both funny and surprisingly moving, I must say!

This story’s introduction made me laugh like anything!