Tomorrow is my sister's birthday and I need some gift ideas!

Tomorrow is my sister’s birthday and I already decided one gift. I want to gift her one more gift but I want it to be a paper work. I have lots of colour paper at home which is of no use as we are in higher grades and activities are cancelled. My first gift is photo frame where I added an edit I made today with our characters. If you guys have any idea for paper work gifts then please drop your ideas below. I could have searched it up on YouTube but I feel it’s just too boring lol. :joy: It’s fine if the idea is other than a paper work, I will try to make it!!! It doesn’t have to be paper work but thought why not use the left over papers to make something Good!

The Edits I made for photo frame

By the way it’s 10:36 pm here and it will be her birthday in a few hours lol. :rofl: Of course I will make the gift tomorrow lmao. :rofl: Drop your creativity below.

Edit: It’s already morning here lol. If no one replies today then I will just close this topic!

If this flops then you never saw this


Hey June Bhoomi :eyes:sorry you can always do origami, or make a card for her?
Like my sister made me a card writing all the fun moments we’ve spent. So maybe something like that.

You know there are YouTube videos on making paper flowers, so how about a bouquet kinda with paper flowers?

Well now this was what I had done to gift my brother. I got this match boxes, stuck them together in a kite shape… im fucking bad at explaining :woman_facepalming::roll_eyes: And wrote "Happy Birthday Dear… " On it. So it’s like a wall hanging, or a showpiece !

Hope you find something good if not its alright!
Oh and HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO RIYA :blue_heart:


OMG!!! That’s a great idea!!! Thank you so much!!!

Thank you!! :heart:


You’re welcome :relaxed:

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