Too excited for this lol


Okay guys as some of you know i do street racing lol. Well last night was my first race in like a long time lol but anyways since i kicked butt i got offered to go to Oregon for a big race in about a month!! internally screaming



Fuck me for not sleeping, but still YAYZ!


Are you going to do it?


WOW! Girl that is exciting! That seems like such an amazing opportunity for you!


Yea grand prize is $20,000 :sweat_smile: no pressure


Flippen go to sleep babe


Yea I’m so excited!! Plus i got another race Saturday


Girl?, I am excited for you! Wow you have such an exciting life! :sunglasses: And That grand prize money! What?! :exploding_head:


Congrats!!! My whole family does street racing a more :sweat_smile: my uncle got his car in the background of the new transformers coming soon since he got noticed during a race :rofl:


Yeaaaa it’s pretty crazy. Idk what car I’m gonna drive yet :sweat_smile: i gotta upgrade my baby black Betty lol


That’s sooo cool


If you don’t mind me asking what cars do you race? :joy:


Wow! Now I feel like a potato cause my life seems like very boring compared to yours! What car do you have?


Ha follow me on insta i do loves to talk about my life cjones.epi


Ok will do!


Well since i haven’t done it in a year i had to sell my Subaru that i had for 5 years cause i didn’t think i need it anymore so last night i had to race with my 2017 Nissan Sentra nizmo my friend did some work on it for the race but when i go to Oregon I’ll be borrowing one of my friends cars idk which one yet