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Too Late Sign Ups (LimeLight)


Two dirt-poor mysterious art students survive by sharing a nasty little apartment above a bodega. They struggle through years, barely making ends meet, comforting one another through tragedies and accidents, but never openly admit how they feel about each other…until they graduate, and one of them gets a job in another city. Is it too late to confess their love? (Plots and twists inbeetween!)

How To Sign Up
  1. You just comment your name
  2. Comment how active you are
  3. Pick the role you would like to be playing from the “Roles” Section
  4. Upload the details of the character
  5. Tell me the personality of that character
  6. Tell me if has freckles or piercing
  7. Also Tellmd the name of the character
  8. Let’s say you wanted to play the role of a bartender, (if someone else has allready signed up then you can still sign up because in 24 hours I will be announcing who will be in my new story!)

Main Character (girl)
Main Character (boy)
Best friend (girl)
Mean girl (main)
Mean girl best friend
Doctor (female)
Male best friend of the boy
Other background characters (Maximum 5 girls, maximum 5 boys)

Any questions please don’t comment please pm me! Thanks!

I'm serious! It really annoys me when people just ask me a question n I keep on having to tell everyone to stop!

You Sign up in the comments!

Anyone signing up?


Anyone signing up

Just comment the person you want to have in my story

I’m starting to get super offended cause every topic I make nobody wants n if they respond they was hours of my time n then it’s off topic n I’m offended

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