Too Late? - Season One - Sign-Ups

Name: Mina
Active: Once or twice a day now
Role: Main Character Girl

Eyes-Round Bold, Lips-Full Round, Face- Oval, Nose-Elven, Brow- Medium Curved, Skin Color- Honey
Personality: She’s really Witty and if she ever gets bullied she always has a comeback. She’s really silly and playful. She doesn’t trust much people and it’s hard to make her open up.
6: She has Freckles and dimples
Name: Kennedy
ALSO I wanted to let you know that i was going to use her in one of my stories but I had no idea how to continue it so you using her is perfectly fine as long as I can get some credz. ANYWAY I hope I make the cuts :smirk::smirk::smirk:

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I believe she said limelight


Oofie Okay thanks anyway :woman_facepalming:


I’m really sorry but my story is limelight

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It’s okay! I’ll make your character into limelight!

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Thanks I really appreciate that :v::v:

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Hey, would you like to sign up this character

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Moved to Art Resources since you appear to be looking for character details. Make sure to check out our Forum Tutorial for more info about creating topics, and feel free to PM me if you’ve got questions. :wink:

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Yesh!!! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

…Sorry Imma weird person

Name: Katie
I’m active 2-4 hours a day
Role: Best friend (girl)
Details: I will create the character then comment it
5. She is very tough and isn’t afraid to say her mind, She hates when people are loud and obnoxious. When she is mad she sometimes looks for fights.
Piercings: She has her belly, nose, and ear pierced
Char name: Allisia

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Okay! Great" now I just need a pic of the character and the description

No prob I’ll get it done soon


i might have to do it tomorrow, that ok?

Singing up?

  1. Name: Hope
  2. Idk why this matter but I get on the forums 1hr a day maybe more (not 1 hr straight tho)
  3. Main mean girl
  4. Details:
    Skin: Gold 02
    Brow: Arched Thick Styled (Dark Brown)
    Hair: Long Feathered (Platinum Blonde)
    Eyes: Female Generic (Ice Blue)
    Face: Heart Soft
    Nose: Defined Natural
    Lips: Full Heart Pouty (Pink Warm Gloss)
  5. Obviously mean, sarcastic, flirty. She hates people who are too nice.
  6. No piercings
  7. Hope
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Okay you thanks!

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  1. My name is Gracie

  2. I’m pretty active depending on how busy I am

  3. Mean Girl (Main)

  4. Since this is the mean girl… She’s very flirtatious and not afraid to ruin anyone who gets in her way. She has a very strong southern dialect so she uses the words ya’ll, ect. (If thats possible may she be lesbian or bisexual, Im lesbian sooo…)

  5. No freckles, she does have ear peircings, and glasses (If that’s okay)

  6. Gracie (if you want to use my nickname) or Sadie (My real name) (Idk care really)