Too many actions going on a scene

Hi episode community! I have yet another issue I need help solving. I’m starting a new scene and I have a lot of commands happening before the scene starts. I know you can’t merge them together like: @remove CHARACTER AND music off. So I have them going after another which makes it harder for a smooth transition for my character sleeping on his bed right at the beginning of the scene because all these commands are happening until it gets to the part of my character. I’ve tried to rearrange my commands to help my scene transition a bit better but I need all these commands and nothing is working. This is what I have on my script:

This does not create a smooth transition at the beginning of my scene because It makes this long awkward pause as the commands are activating before you see my character finally shown on his bed. Is there any way to fix this? I know merging commands is not possible…please help!

Actually it is possible with the & command
&reset hsl in 0.01
&cut to zone 3
&zoom on…
ok you get what I’m doing… it has them go at the same time

Let me know if this works!

Try using & instead of @ :blush:

You could use:

&reset HSL in 0.01
&cut to zone 3
&zoom on 727 243 to 188% in 0
… And so on.

Oh my gosh you guys are awesome. This did the job!