Too many ideas!😭

ugh idk if it’s just me but i have the worst habit ever of jumping from project to project without ever finishing anything :sob: im in the middle of working on a story and i just got the best idea ever for a completely different story!!

the story im working on right now is longer and i dont plan on publishing it until i have all of the episodes completed :sweat_smile: but the new idea would only be like 3 episodes or something else short like that… im thinking i do the 3 story episode and then continue on the longer one but im not entirely sure?


Oh no i think everyone has it in them like just some more then others like for me
ill be almost don’t with episode 3 and then I WILL HAVE THIS DEA and then Ill plot the entire thing and then all of a sudden its like 2am

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no fr :sob: it’s so annoying but sometimes the best stuff comes out of it too

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Oh i 100% believe that but i don’t have the attention spand to actually commit to it so most of it becomes head cannon

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