Too many values to unpack Help

So I need help I’ve re wrote these spots 5 times for GABY & SYBIL & it keeps saying this in my Script Tools Errors
What am I doing wrong because I don’t see a problem here… :upside_down_face:

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Try rewording it like this

@SYBIL spot 2.385 323 -346 AND GABY spot 2.385 357 -523
@SYBIL is idle_sit_neutral_loop AND GABY is idle_sit_neutral_loop

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@SYBIL spot 2.385 323 -346 in zone 1
@SYBIL is idle_sit_sad_loop

And how did you get that font?

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Hmm… I don’t see what might cause this - sometimes the warning points up on a different line than the real problem - what is your code above and under this?

But a note - to avoid ugly glitches use & instead of @ when you spot character before the transition on set start of the chapter - the way you have it reader will see for milisecond the characters on the background and than fading in - this you often do not see in the portal (because PC can read the script quicker) but test it in the ap - I guess you will see it there.

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I used & it still said the warning but I’ll try re wording it.

**It’s not working :upside_down_face: & theres nothing Under that its just my character picking her cloths **

**I’ve tried it your guys way to & for some reason it’s still not working :upside_down_face: **

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Its acting like I’m not allowed to put my characters on screen :upside_down_face:

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The error isn’t in your screenshot. I replied on your other thread. The error is on a different line.


Because it’s -346. So most probably they won’t show up in the zone

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