"Too Many Values to Unpack?"

I’m getting the “Too many values to unpack” error. It doesn’t show the little error marker on the line, but when I click on the error in the error window, it directs me to the first line (obviously a background.) I triple-checked the background name and the following lines, and all are correct. Since I cannot save my story until the error is resolved, immediate help would be greatly appreciated, though any help regardless of urgency is great too.
Thanks,-Kat :kissing_cat:

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can you screenshot your script?

Yes! Thanks for the quick reply!

(The error is on the highlighted line)

I don’t see the exact problem but sometimes it could be missing numbers in the spots.
Trying fixing megan spot numbers and see if the error remains the same.

The title looks fine.

When you get that error message it just takes you to the top of the script and not where the error actually is. You’ll have to search for the error yourself. It usually means that a spot code is not correct, so check any overlay shift numbers, scale numbers, or character spot numbers to see if you made a mistake with any of them.

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