Too many values to unpack

uhmmm more help please? :sweat_smile:
I have no idea what to do with this I want my character to storm out, so if i just write walk to spot blah blah blah she will smileand I want her to be angry, how do I do that?

Shouldn’t it be does it while walk_angy…?

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You forgot to write the word spot before the numbers for Celine


The value unpack is because you don’t specify the time you want your character to walk.
@CELINE walks to X Y in 3 in zone 1
@CELINE walks to spot X Y in zone 1 in 3
(Check which way it works)
Also, to make your character angry after walking you need to add an animation

@CELINE walks to X Y in # in zone # and CELINE is walk_angry_loop
@CELINE is idle_angry (or whatever animation you want)

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@CELINE walks to spot 1.190 -48 7 in zone 1 and CELINE does it while walk_angry_loop

thank you!


Closed: Solved. Thanks all! :v: