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Updating this because I changed the cover and want more stories to read!

Too Much Space

Description: After an invasion from your rival planet, you can’t help but to fall for one of their armies’ commanders. What’s to happen when your government finds out about your long-distance space affair?
Genre: Romance/Sci-Fi
(CC, mini-games, 1 Male LI (after the contest probably one more LI)

ig: @naddyistyping

I would love to do a R4R :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Title: LDR: Star Crossed
Genre: Romance/Sci-Fi
Description: In a world where intergalactic communication is the norm, you decide to join a dating app that connects people from across galaxies. Will you find love among the stars or are there some distances that not even love can conquer?

Instagram: @raven.writes.episode

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Oh my gosh I just finished and your story is so awesome!! The visuals are spectacular and I love the intrigue of the storyline! Orithia is my favourite character so far but I am so sus about so many characters :laughing:

The party scene in Episode 2 was soooo well directed :heart_eyes: Phoenix seems like such a nice guy omg! And when Wanda trapped me in the elevator at the end of the episode I legit was freaking out!! When I found out what she wanted, I realised why she seemed so sus from the beginning and you did a great job drawing out the suspense :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I also feel really bad for Fake Wanda for losing her voice and identity, that would be absolutely terrifying! And now I really want to know who is actually impersonating her! I feel like it might be Nova but that’s just a wild guess. Also, whilst I like Orithia’s personality, her chumminess with Nova is really getting on my nerves :angry: Also the hologram is really cool (where Phoenix is talking to her in her bedroom)

I am really tired right now though so I apologise if any of what I just said was written chaotically :laughing: But I would definitely love to read more of this story :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Thank you so much! I appreciate your feedback so much it means the world. I’m sorry I took a little longer because my brothers wanted to review my story in front of me lol. ANYWAYS I just have to say that I absolutely love your story! The filter, the plot, the characters!

Quinn’s hesitating nature towards finding love at first I had me so intrigued cuz now I want to know why so bad! And Astrea is a sweetheart :pleading_face: I love her. The background and history of Quinn and her family are so established, it’s like their real people (idk if I’m making any sense lol I just mean that I can see you really planned this and thought about the characters’ traits and backgrounds thoroughly). I’m just noticing how important Quinn holds the feeling of feeling safe and I’m wondering what has caused her to feel so closed in a shell. Her having slowly opened up to Astrea was really refreshing.

This story is so cute, Quinn and Astrea’s energy are amazing. Astrea’s confidence really complements Quinn’s adorable awkwardness lol. The ending of episode 1 really caught me by surprise lol. I was confused as to what happened but the hologram thing was an amazing idea! Better than mine tbh cuz they actually get to sit together :joy: and nice job with the interactivity!

This war has me on edge. I’m really wondering what this would mean between Earth and Galactia, and if Quinn and Astrea’s communication will be effected because of what might happen to Earth’s access to the Intercom. BUT OMG THIS REALLY HAS ME WONDERING. :sob: I hope Quinn and Astrea will still be okay and in touch.

I have to say you’re very considerate for the sound notifs for the hearing impaired. That was a very sweet touch.

I could definitely see how much work you put in with all the overlays. If this doesn’t pay off with you being one of the winners, I’d be very shocked.

I’m sorry this was a lot lol but all in all, I would continue reading your story because the plot and visuals are amazinnggg.

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Hahaha no problem! I am a really fast reader anyways so you didn’t take that long x

Aww thank you so much!! Your feedback is so appreciated and your kind words literally mean more than you could ever know to me :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Haha a lot of people are really intrigued about the war so I can’t wait to write more episodes and really flesh out that part of the storyline :heart_eyes:

Aww thank you! I really like to try and be as inclusive as I can in my stories and notice that a lot of authors’ do not allow for the fact that some users may be hearing impaired or just not want to listen to sound :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Thank you so much, reading this literally made my day x

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Hi! I would love to do a r4r :heart:
TITLE: Our little secret

GENRE: Mystery/Drama

DESCRIPTION: What could be better than meeting five close friends at a student party? Such events are extremely rare. However, things don’t get so rosy when a dead girl is found in the house. Who is behind this and what is the little secret of each of them?

•Full CC

•One LI

•Sounds & Music

•Point System, Choices matter, Mini games

My ig: @epi.ksu

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