Tool For Eyebrows HELP!🥺🥺

I use Ibis paint X and Um I wanna do my eyebrows on the outline but I don’t know what brush to use and how to make the eyebrows
Also can someone do the outline for this and also can you do a separate outline for the eyes
Need Help



Eyebrows help

It depends on what style of eyebrows you wanna do, since you didn’t say how should they look like I can’t tell exactly what brush. I use normal that I use every time, (outlines, coloring, shading) because it’s really really good, it makes lines so smooth, it’s easy to use and I love that. But I also add stabilizator on specific number and good size.

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That’s how I do eyebrows

Yes like that

How you get the hair like that

Lot’s of practice, good brush, brush sizes, stabilizator number, layers, colors and that thing that makes it look like less seen lol Idk how it’s called.

This is the hair I did

What brush did you use

You use this right?


Which do you use

Round brush real


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Explain better please

That is how I like it

Imma try then show you

How do you get it to look like something is covering the photo