Top 3 Favorite Stories?

What are your top 3 favorite stories on Episode?

  1. Four Kingdoms by PL
  2. Karma Rose by Lauren Bella
  3. Beyond the Stage by Andrea Elle

Dirty Sexy Teenagers
Dead 7

Its hard to narrow it down to three though, I love way too many stories!

Dead 7.
Sector 9.
Just for Her.

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  1. My Psycho
  2. Faking Death
  3. The Shaw Brothers
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I love those ones haha

Instant Princess Karma Rose and Speak

  1. Back & Forth

  2. Hello Stranger

  3. Love Me Black & Blue

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How did LMB&B end? I remember I stopped reading it at chapter 8 because the drama was too much for me

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Sherlock in Love
Birds of Passage

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The Ruby Tiara
To Love Again

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Infamous Topdogs

I think the author never completed it, she wrote the second season then somehow she stopped updating I really don’t know why, but I had to put the story in my top 3 because it made me cry my ass off

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She deleted the second season and said that the ending of the first one is the end of the story


Thank you for clearing that up, but that was definitely the right thing to do because that ending was really suitable :purple_heart:


I agree! I loved the ending and how dramatic & realistic it was

  1. Falling For Sin
  2. Happenstance
  3. Your Secret Admirer

Please don’t tell me I was the only one who cried throughout the whole chapter


I cried too :joy: :sob:

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