Top 5 Reasons Authors Never Update! (from an Episode author)

:blue_heart: Introduction :blue_heart:
Ever wonder what the heck your favorite author is doing instead of working on your favorite story? Waiting for the finale to the most epic story ever?

Yeah, that’s relatable. Everyone who’s ever played Episode has done it before. But that doesn’t mean your favorite author is being lazy! Believe it or not, they have reasonable responses as to why they never update their stories. I’m an author myself, and I get it. Many people have sent fanmail and comments to my stories, saying “It’s been a million years!” and “Please continue!”


And so is every other author on the portal! So now, I present:

:blue_heart: The Top 5 Reasons Authors Never Update! :blue_heart:
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"I'm making it more quality!"

Good episodes are choice-heavy episodes. This doesn’t have to do with anything happening to the author. Instead, the author just wishes to make their episodes and stories really good, so they decide to program a lot of choices, conditions, and bonus scenes for their readers. It may not seem like it, but these awesome features that make a story amazing can take hundreds of lines of code you don’t even see, which can take weeks to write.

"I don't know what to write exactly!"

Lack of inspiration? Some authors simply don’t know what to do next in their story. It’s recommended to plan out the entire story beforehand, but this may not be the case for some authors, who in the beginning, feel comfortable enough to let the future decide. Still, authors can find themselves suffering from writer’s block, and this may not be cleared away until even weeks later.

"I have an even better idea!"

Working on another story. This is pretty self-explanatory. Some authors want to write more than one story, or have another idea so good that they’d better start writing before it goes away! They may not have as much time to focus on the story you’re waiting for as before, but trust me, all authors are trying to come up with good ideas.

"My laptop won't turn on!"

Devices are acting like crap. One of the most annoying things an author can face is their laptop dying before they can save or their computer refusing to turn on, which can set them back quite a few paces. Then, they’ll have to rewrite this and reload that, all while worrying for the well being of their device.

"Real life much?!"

We have lives outside of Episode! I’m not pointing any fingers, but some fans of stories expect authors to update on a daily basis. Authors need to take breaks every once in a while, take care of their needs! (Food and water much?) Many authors have school/jobs to go to, as well as other personal things to take care of which they may not want to share as much.

:blue_heart: So there’s an author’s point of view for ya! :blue_heart:

Hopefully, after reading this post, you’ve gotten a bit more perspective on what the heck your favorite authors are doing. So, please. Don’t rush authors on your favorite stories! We get that the wait may be painful. We wait too on our favorite stories. But you never know what could really be happening behind the author’s episode profile.

:blue_heart: Thank you for reading! :blue_heart:


with me its i forgot where i wanted the story to go

which is why whit my new story i complete the writing in it before doing animations spot and choices. and when I got the whole story finish I will fix each chapter. and it works great cause I have written four chapters in a week. i usually spend months on one chapter

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I understand all this stuff, but it is still kind of annoying when authors don’t update for a year. But the wait is usually worth it. I was reading H and V: Blurred Lines and the author just finished writing chapter four a year after starting the story, they improved the first three chapters and the directing will make you explode. There are choices there too. But now there’s a big cliffhanger… boo hoo


And when I would write, I got major writer’s block and I had to distract myself with other stories for a while. None of my good stories ever got published because of this. I want to finish the good ones before publishing them.
Along with that I get so caught up with programming complex scenes that I don’t even spend any time thinking about the plot until my creativity is all burned out and I get another writer’s block. Many of these scenes are never used anyway.


Writer’s block is a major problem when it comes to updating stories…sometimes readers don’t understand how hard it is to create a great story until they try it themselves.


Makes a lot of sense. I can relate to a few of these!

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